also known as Earl, Nep, Bunny, or Chip!
Hiii, I'm Neptune! I go by a million names, and I'm the host of the Carrotmuncher Subsystem!
I'm an OCtive, meaning my source is an OC, though I like to pretend I'm brainmade! (My source is embarrassing to me!!) I have more than 1 source but pls ask me directly if you're curious!
I don't usually proxyyy sorry :P
I'm MLNW I think, and I can't spell to save my life
alter identity
Unsure of role, OCtive, nonhuman (half-rabbit)
personal associations
I usually use the rabbit emoji, fav color is #EF9290 /ij, and my birthday's December 13! I'm a Sagittarius!